SGS SR series compact split ring for the DRIVE END

Radially mounted system with 24/7 long-term performance. Field installable with handheld tools and no need to uncouple equipment.

Available for all standard NEMA and above NEMA frame sizes that are standard or close coupled with shaft diameters between 1-5/8" to 15+ inches. Custom shaft diameters are no problem. Also available for IEC motors. All SGS products are CE certified for the European Union.

SGSTM SR Series compact split ring installed onto the drive end of a 150hp, TEFC, VFD close coupled motor. This extremely large, robust shaft grounding device is designed for non-sealed long-term performance. Like all SGSTM products, materials used are industrial grade and corrosion resistant and are a must if long-term performance is required. Installation is done in the field without moving equipment and with handheld tools. The ring is designed for multiple service lives of the motor and the brush is easily maintainable.